Content-Driven Campaigns

After two decades of successful marketing campaigns, it's really hard to pick favorites. Here are a few projects that used content for business success. I'm happy to share the details and more importantly, discuss how a content campaign will grow your business.

Hays Recruiting Experts

A campaign that increased 401K Retirement Plan participation while also improving employee affinity. Highlights include:

  • Quarterly Education: Retirement Myths & Investing Basics
  • Co-branded content with plan-sponsor, Fidelity Investments
  • Rethink Retirement: a series of emails, videos, website messaging, on-site signage, and landing pages to promote the company match and get employees to sign up.

Info Incognito

Lead Generation campaign targeting executives who use patient-protected information to advance healthcare and need to follow privacy, security, and compliance regulations.

This campaign optimized Google Ads to reach the decision-makers, gather contact info, and provide educational guides on how to meet HIPAA and GDPR standards with Info Incognito's customized software and consulting.

Global Sales

A Building Supplies Company targeting B2B and B2C markets in the Caribbean had an old campaign on autopilot. After analyzing the data, I created a plan to convert the leads with new content via automated emails The Kitchen Design Guide was updated to collect and convert new leads with Google Ads, website, and social media tactics.

Email Success Story

I help business owners use email to build relationships and grow sales. We never send an email for the sake of emailing. Every single email must deliver something of value or help solve a problem. The days of an email blast to the entire database are long gone. Data management and segmentation are just as important as the copy.

Ready For Results?

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