$2,300 Per Project

Lead Generation Campaign

Content Marketing provides many benefits that grow your business, including finding new leads. I've used content marketing for decades and have a turnkey process to create a lead magnet to help your business find new customers.

Great content is not what you want to say — it's what your audience wants to hear.

Let's create your custom content also known as a Lead Magnet, that answers your customers top questions. Whether it's a How-To Guide, Case Study, Checklist or another valuable resource, your content will be created as part a marketing campaign to attract new customers, position you as the expert and grow website SEO. The content is the first step for building new customer relationships that grow into sales. Sound complicated and confusing? I've been running successful content campaigns for 2 decades and promise to make it easy for you. Here's what we'll do:

Strategy Meeting

We will spend an hour discussing your business: goals, recent marketing initiatives, sales process, customer challenges and what makes you different. As a next step, I'll look at your website and social media analytics, marketing materials and website for a more comprehensive understanding of your business and customer insights

Create a 4 to 5 Page Custom Lead Magnet

On our call, we'll determine the best format to provide solutions for your customer's most pressing problems. The first step is an outline. Once approved your outline grows into a first draft for your review and feedback (2 rounds).

Call to Review Content and Discuss Next Steps

After you receive the draft of your Lead Magnet, we will discuss your copy changes and other content revisions. When your lead magnet is finished you will receive the final pdf and a front-cover thumbnail.

4 Emails to Welcome and Nurture Leads

Welcome email for content download after sign-up

Thank you and what to expect going forward

Follow-up email (based on your goals)

Next steps email (based on your goals)

3 Social Media Posts or Advertising Graphics

Depending on your social media channels or advertising initiatives, you will receive correctly-sized graphics to promote your content and generate leads.

Implementation Meeting or Call

Once your Lead Magnet,  emails and social posts are completed, we'll have a meeting or call to walk thru how to use these items and automate your emails.  Many businesses have administrative support to implement the tasks we discuss, but if you need additional support - I'm here to help and will adjust the pricing as needed to meet your needs.

Ready to Create Your Lead Generation Campaign? 

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