$4,500 Per Month

Marketing Reboot

Has your business thrived without any marketing up until now? Not sure where to start but don't want to hire staff? Save time and money without the hassle of hiring staff or an agency. Instead, get 6 months of dedicated marketing with an expert who'll bring results.

For Businesses Who Need Marketing Help Now But Don't Know Where to Start

If your business lacks dedicated marketing support or you want to take the business to the next level, but don't know where to begin or what to do, I can help. Updating your brand, strategy, website, email, social media, SEO, content and Google ads all take time valuable time away from running your business. In 6 months, I can accomplish what an agency typically does in a year and save you tons in the process. Let's simplify and optimize your marketing with my 4-Step process.

Marketing Analysis, Strategy and Plan (Step 1)

Starting with a review of your Google analytics, website, email and social media, I learn about your past marketing initiatives, identify success areas, pain points, etc. Together with your goals and insights, we build your strategic and custom marketing plan. Your marketing plan outlines the right tactics for your time and budget and provides laser focus on what to do and when.

Branding Refresh (Step 2)

Now we look at your marketing and the story it tells. Do you connect with potential clients? Does your messaging offer a solution or a sales pitch? I always look to enhance your existing brand elements rather than waste precious time and money on a complete brand overhaul.

Custom Content and Storytelling (Step 3)

Next, I create custom marketing content full of information that tells your story and show how you help customers. Your content includes key pieces that will be used to generate leads, add copy to your website, identify keywords and rank for SEO, consider email opportunities and develop posts for social media,

Google Ads and Email Campaigns (Step 4)

Now it's time to bring everything together with digital campaigns fueled by your new content. The campaigns I run are based on your business goals and always focus on organic growth first. Lead generation may need Google or Social (depending on your business) to start but strategic email campaigns will maximize your ads and build relationships that grow sales.  

Grow Your Business With a Customized Marketing Reboot

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